Life is imperfect as we all know that. Everyone's life is not perfect. Sometime we wish we can fly and feel that fresh breeze on our face, to feel like your alive again and never have to worry about any thing that you can think of. I wish I could do that but now I know that we all have to move on and learn new things everyday and that life is about us growing up, learning from our mistakes and live our life with many new fun adventures! Our life is to short to sit back and worry.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everything Changed

Being Deaf was the hardest thing for me.  I didn't understand when I was young, I hated my hearing aid that I would take them off and throw them out.  I even took it off and hid it somewhere that my mother would not find but of course she got me to spit it out and tell her where's it at.  One day she took me to get my hair cut and told the hair stylist to do a bowl hairstyle.  I was terrified and didn't know why she chop most of my hair off.  My mother lean down and told me "Devin, you need too because you keep taking your hearing aid off."

I've had my hearing aid from age of 15 months till 13 years old.  At the age of 13, my mom randomly told me that I will have a Cochlear Implant.  I didn't know what it was, so my mother sat down with me and told me that it's a surgical procedure that I have to go through.  And I thought, oh my gosh a surgery? I felt like I had no choice but to get it.  Cochlear Implant is a surgically implanted device to help me hear better. 

Illustration of what a Cochlear Implant looks like
My Cochlear Implant on my right ear
This picture was at my high school pageant

 It was the hardest decision that I had to go through because there was some pros and cons of having a Cochlear Implant.  Of course the pros are that it helps you hear better and get to know how the real world sound like.  The cons about having one is that there is risk of complication during the surgery which they say that pretty much right before any type of surgery.  So I decided to take a step and said yes, I want to have one.  After a month of my surgery, that's when everything changed.  I started hearing things that I have never heard before.  I heard birds calling, people talking, a lot of background noise.  It was hard to tell what every noise is but all I know is that I'm happy to hear even though I promise myself that I will never leave from my deaf world as well.  As couple months pass by,  my hearing started to be more clear and it was unbelievable,  I loved it.  I started coming out of my shell and started to meet more people and realized that I actually started having some confidence in myself.  And I knew, God is always there for me and you no matter what.  I am proud to tell people about my disability and how much my life have changed when I received a Cochlear Implant.  But I will never forget the day that my mother found out I was deaf at the age of 15 months old.  Everything did change.... for the better and worse...

All you people who have a disability, please remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthen you!! If people make fun of you, ignore them.  It's their problem, we have other things to worry about.  So have some confidence in yourself and you can do it.  I'm sure all you have a role model and I know who's mine.  It's Marlee Matlin, a deaf actress and Heather Whitestone- Miss America 1995.  They are an inspiration to me and they are the people who got me to keep going.  Never quit, follow your dreams and you will succeed.  Even if you are struggling with school and having financial problem like I do, all you can do is pray and have faith but don't let that pull you back from reaching your dreams.       

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey everyone,

My name is Devin and this is my first blog and I do not know how to work this thing so I had to teach myself how to use this.  So far, I think I did a pretty darn good with this! I figured it would be a fun experience for me to make one and blog about myself.  As you can tell my title said "The Imperfect Life of Mine" and what that means is that my life is not so perfect as people think it is.  I was born Deaf so therefore, I do have a disability.  I have heard a lot of people would say mean comments about us saying that we cannot do anything because we cannot hear.  I totally disagree with that,  we can do anything but hear.  We can ride a bike, drive a car, socialize with friends so therefore, we are people like you.  I was diagnose  with hearing disability at the age of 15 months old.  I was at my grandmother's house and she was babysitting me one afternoon.  She saw me sitting by the bed in her bedroom after I took a nap, drinking my bottle of milk facing the window.  She called my name a couple times and then decided to knock on the door to see if I can hear.  I never turned around and that's when everything started to shattered, falling to pieces.  Of course my parents were devastated when they found out.  They said that they were speechless and was thinking, "oh my gosh, what is going to happen next? My child is Deaf" and that's when they started seeking for answers.  They wanted me to communicate and right away, I started learning American Sign Language.  

Me when I was young with my hearing aid if you can notice
I love American Sign Language even though I'm not good at it now.  I had a teacher when I first received my hearing aid and she would teach me sign language so I can have full communication.  I was never into the deaf world when I was young. My mother wanted me to have a speech therapist so I can do more oral than doing sign language all the time.  There's not a lot of deaf people in my community.  When I was in high school, I only have 2 deaf guy friends that are the same age as me.  Their name is Nestor and Cord.  I never really got to understand how the deaf world are like nor was expose by many deaf people.  All my friends are basically hearing and that's when I knew that I fit in better with the hearing world.  But sometime I hate to be part of the hearing world because a lot people do not understand me because I'm deaf and do not understand of how much I have been through so it's hard to be accepted.  That's why sometime I feel like I just want to fly away and clear my mind, where people won't bother me...ever.  I wish that can be true but I guess we can't always get what we want.  Maybe God did it for a reason, I used to and still do questioned myself why do I have to be the one? Why me? Why am I deaf?  That is a good question but once you face the reality, there is a lot of people who are disabled and I am thankful for everything that I have today. I want to thank my family and friends who have supported me throughout my life.  It means a lot to me.  

oh and I still have a lot to tell about me...